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Founded in 2010, District Garden has grown to be the leading private provider of a number of green services and custom contracting in the Washington DC area. We work hard to expand both our market reach and community footprint. About Us
District Garden Contracting

Contracting, Gardening, Landscaping, & More

We offer many services in basic and custom contracting. Regular activities include rain barrels, rain gardens, outdoor woodworking (pergolas, etc), raised garden beds, landscaping services. We specialize in installations with limited retailing. Check out the shop or contact us for any inquiry!


We aim to return 50% of our time and profit to the Washington, DC area community through partnerships, programs and more. Check out our Community Page and feel free to contact us if you think that you have a need we can meet. Low, no profit and volunteer partnerships exist.


We offer affordable, and sometimes free, consulting to homeowners, renters, businesses, developers, non-profits and government entities. We offer a range of help  including rainwater audits, site design, workshops, simple matchmaking, and more. Contact Us


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Some of Our Services

- Rainwater Management (Rain Barrels, Cisterns and More)
- Custom Contracting (Raised Beds, Pergola, Arbor, Trellis Custom)
- Consulting (LIDs, Outdoor Green, Garden Design, Drainage Plans, Landscape and More)
- Gardening / Landscaping
- Workshops, Classes and Community Partnerships

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