DDOE Hillcrest / Alger Park Rain Barrel and LID Initiative

Hillcrest / Alger Park Residents
Reserve Special DC Rain Barrel Rebate Pricing

District3ddoeDistrict Garden is the leading installer of rain barrels and other LIDs in Washington, DC and the surrounding suburbs in VA and MD. DDOE has launched a new initiative to further  LID (Low Impact Development) installs in the Hillcrest / Alger Park area.  The DC Rain Barrel Rebate is given to you up front and we have also lowered our pricing 20% for this initiative.We can usually have you installed within a week of your order. There’s no paperwork for you to file, and the price listed below is all you will ever pay for these installs.

Actual Install in Anacostia

Actual Install in Anacostia

An average 1000 sq ft roof will produce over 600 gallons of stormwater runoff in only one inch of rain. Capture some of it! Use it to wash cars, water plants and many more uses. You prevent runoff from entering the watershed AND save money on your water bills. We use a closed system which helps ensure mosquito free rain barrels.

Reserve Your Rain Barrels

The installs include:

  • Two, Linked Dual, or a Single Rain Barrel Installation at your home
  • Delivery at no additional charge
  • Downspout Inline Diverter to prevent gutter overflows and make winterization easy
  • All parts including spigot and drain plug
  • Winterization Guide and Cap
  • Maintenance Guide

Discounted Installs

Two Rain Barrels Installed at Two Separate Downspouts – $100 for Both

This option (the first option below) is our most popular typical install in Washington, DC. Often one rain barrel is installed in the front and one in the rear of the home. This allows the homeowner to make use of the free, clean rainwater on both sides of the property. If you have a downspout that serves a large portion of your roof, the following option may be preferable for you.

Linked (2) Rain Barrel Installed at One Downspout – $95

This option (the second option below) is our most popular typical install in Washington, DC. In this instance we have a linked unit consisting of 110 gallons of total storage to be installed at one downspout, usually in the rear or side of the home. This is a great option for rowhomes and townhomes where one downspout serves most of the roof.

One Rain Barrel Installed at One Downspout – $50

Just want one to start? Then the third option below is for you. While you can easily use more than one rain barrel in rainwater capture, many in our community start with one barrel and go from there.

To Order (Questions? Want More than Two? Click Here to Contact Us or call 202-505-1135)

  1. Select your option below to add it to the order.
  2. Enter Your Payment / Shipping Information
  3. Process Payment (Credit Cards taken online. If you elect for Payment on Delivery only Cash, Check and Bitcoin is taken on date of delivery).
  4. We will contact you within 48 hours to nail down an install date.
  5. Enjoy free, clean rainwater while doing something good for the local environment.
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