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Fiverr Gigs and Specials from District Garden (Sometimes it Happens)

Fiverr Specials for District Garden (Sometimes)

Occasionally we list a fun or innovative gig on Fiverr. Fiver is a website where professionals list services they’ll do for –you guessed it– five bucks. Mostly, these are targeted at potential clients or partners outside the Washington, DC area. They are for things that we can accomplish remotely.

District Garden on Fiverr

Currently we have a remote rain barrel / rain garden audit posted to Fiver. This is a standard part of our install for Washington DC area (Virginia and Maryland) customers. We take a look at the clients roof, yard, and some GIS data. After, we calculate an appropriate rainwater management solution via rain barrels or rain gardens. Of course we also use our handy Rainfall / Rain Barrel Calculator as part of the process.

District Garden will also review rebates and other credits that might be available to the customer where they are.

Much like our work in DC and Maryland, we advise our customers how to meet their incentive and city/state/local rebate requirements. We even tailor installations to some of the incentives as requested, or based on order popularity.

In any event, we just wanted to post a note about the occasional gig on Fiverr that we run.

Happy New Year!

Text from Fiverr the offer (1/4/15)

We will perform a remote home audit of your property with a focus on rain barrels and rain gardens, whether or not you are in our service area. 

District Garden is a small business based in the Washington DC area, serving MD, VA, DC and surrounding areas. This gig serves everyone.

Normally, this service costs $15-35. The audit will take a look at your home via satellite and GIS data, with the main focus on a possible rain barrel solution / addition to your property. 

In this remote audit gig we will:

  • Examine your home’s roof sq footage
  • Estimate Runoff on your property
  • Determine / Recommend the best methods to capture rain water on your property
  • Estimate the number / capacity of rain barrels
  • Recommend other solutions including rain gardens, permeable pavers, and so on
  • Advise you of known local, municipal, county, and federal incentives that are common with these LID (Low Impact Development / Green Installs)

Basically, if you are considering any of these LIDs this is a great way to start and become educated on the topic.

About Us: District Garden has installed over 1200 rain barrels, 100 rain gardens, hundreds of raised garden beds and offer consulting for business and government entities.




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