Riversmart Rewards - Part 1 Signing Up (DC Water Bill Credits)

Riversmart Rewards – Part 1 Signing Up (DC Water Bill Credits)

In this series of posts, one of the District Garden staff members will walk you through his process in getting the Riversmart Rewards on his property. This sign-up sheet is available online and we also send a copy to our clients after installations or by request.

DOEE Riversmart Rewards

DOEE Riversmart Rewards

What are Riversmart Rewards?

If you have rain barrels, rain gardens or other LIDs you may, and probably do, qualify for discounts on your DC Water Bill.

  • Discounts on two water and sewer utility fees: the District Government’s Stormwater Fee and DC Water’s Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge (CRIAC).
  • Qualifying properties would receive up to 55% off the Stormwater Fee and up to 4% off the CRIAC.
  • Enrollment is done quarterly and properties must re-enroll every three years.

Sounds good. Credits for things that I’m already doing at home. Great! So, what’s next? Well, the old process required a cumbersome series of account creations and documentation. Fortunately, if you’ve done anything with the Riversmart Rebate (example, if we installed a rain barrel or rain garden at your home) you an allow DOEE to assist you in enrollment you with a simple signed interest form.

Filling out the Riversmart Rewards Sign-up Sheet

The first area to fill in just requires our name. It lists the items you are agreeing to by filling out and signing the opt-in form.


Signup Sheet Opt-In

Discount Calculation

The form notes:

“I understand that DOEE will calculate my discount rate based on the green infrastructure practices reported on this rebate application form and that if I have additional green infrastructure, I must submit a separate RiverSmart Rewards application to DOEE so that my discounts reflect all of the green infrastructure on my property. Contact DOEE for instructions on how to report existing green infrastructure for discount consideration.”

So, for items beyond the rain barrels it looks like you’ll have to do another application. I have other items, so that will be included as this post series continues.

Finishing Up the Sign-up Sheet

I now enter my property address, DC Water Account Number (Check your paper bill or online), sign, and date the sign-up sheet.


That’s it. We’ve filled out our PDF Sign-up sheet and digitally signed it (you can print and sign, then mail or scan and email as well). I’ll update you on the next steps that happen in real time.

Relevant Links: DC Water; DOEE


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