Media Articles and Past Promos for District Garden

From time to time District Garden is contacted for information an articles. From time to time we reach out to local bloggers and outlets as well to offer their readership / viewership deals and information. Below, find some of the past coverage and promos for District Garden!

Media and Promotions

DdGNgmbB_400x40008/03/2014 DC Thrifty Mom – District Garden Rain Barrels (Deal Expired, just FYI)
Excerpt: “My husband has developed a strong love of gardening over the years and is always looking for ways to improve his garden. He has repeatedly mentioned installing a rain barrel for our home. When District Garden contacted me about a rain barrel, my husband couldn’t contain his excitement. I was elated at the opportunity of having the rain barrel professional installed and NOT A DIY project!” Read More


diydelray-district-garden05/23/2013 DIY Del Ray – It’s Rain Barrel Season
Excerpt: ” Del Ray is rain barrel central. It’s hard to walk down a block without seeing a barrel — some even blend into the landscape of the house, their style equal to their function. Leslie already has a barrel, and I am happy to report I have finally joined the rain barrel club. Rain, bring it on, I am ready for you! Through a garden listserve, I heard about a company called District Garden that has a unique rain barrel system which doesn’t involve the typical method of cutting your downspout. Intrigued, I set up an appointment with the owner for an install….” Read More

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