Rain Barrel District Garden Black 55 Gallon
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Rain Barrel & Diverter (Installed MD/VA)

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Product Description

Residents of Maryland and Virginia, this is the rain barrel installation for you. We will also help you with any local rebates you may or may not be aware of.

What’s Included?


This price covers the complete setup and installation of:

  • Rain Barrel (Repurposed Food Grade (Best for your plants!) Barrels)
  • Spigot
  • Drain Valve
  • Inflow Valve
  • Downspout diverter (Prevents the downspout from backing up AND acts as an overflow)
  • Hoses and connections (From the downspout; not the watering hose)

Shipping Information / Terms

Please Note: This setup is for local pickup / delivery only. We can’t ship these outside of the DMV region, yet.

Terms: No charge for delivery/install within 10 miles of 20017. $.50/mi for deliveries >10 miles away

Once you place your order we’ll call you to make sure we know which side to drill the inlet, and to ensure you have a level surface within 3 feet of the downspout to install this barrel upon.

Remember to select the shape of your downspout when adding to cart. Different shaped downspouts require us to bring / provide different hardware for the installation of your new rain barrel.

Tips & Tricks

Raising the barrel / Making a stand must be done at the time of install. Most of our customers do this themselves but we can bring blocks  or build custom stands for a fee. That said, it’s entirely optional. Since we have the option of how high to place your spigot, raising the barrel is not required.

Mosquito Prevention: Since we generally install closed systems, this is not a huge concern. However we can point you in the right direction with tips on oils, bleach and/or commercial products you can use if you want to be extra careful. Since mosquitoes take 7-10 days to breed in standing water, regular use and/or draining of your rain barrel is sufficient protection against mosquitoes.


1 review for Rain Barrel & Diverter (Installed MD/VA)

  1. 5 out of 5


    We had District Garden out in July to install two of these at our home in Alexandria, VA. Easy process and very thoughtful installation and follow-up.

    They provided some follow-up documents for us and were graceful in answering all of my questions before and after the sale.

    Highly recommend to anyone in their delivery area in Maryland, Virginia or DC and anywhere they might reach.

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